Let Balay Powder power your slay ride this holiday season!

Shouldn’t your look be the tastiest thing at the table on Thanksgiving Day? Is it not time to deck your hair with things of glory? Should auld holiday trends be forgot and n’er brought to mind? Yes, yes and yes! Achieving all those holiday goals is easy with a fresh balayage, made even

better with an assist by Balay Powder and some Pink Pewter makeup in your manger! Uh...mane.

Balay Powder and Pink Pewter have teamed up to create ideas that will leave you always holiday photo ready, and you’ll bring the flash. Imagine sparkly metallics...rose gold against steel...and you’re halfway there.

Balay Powder, the premiere additive to create perfect, unaltered balayage medium every time, created a celebration cocktail with Guy Tang #mydentity metallic hair color. The result was the perfect paint for lowlight balayage guaranteed to bring the sparkle to any holiday celebration.


Natural Level 8 regrowth Midstrands previously lifted to a level 9 Ends previously lifted to a level 10

Formula 1: Guy Tang Mydentity 2.0 oz 7RG Demi + 4.0 oz 6 vol + .75 oz BalayPowder

Formula 2: Guy Tang Mydentity 2.0 oz 8SS Demi + 4.0 oz 6 vol + .75 oz Balay Powder

Hair color: @jacquelynmarieh www.instagram.com/jacquelynmarieh

Hair styling:@gartnerjames www.instagram.com/gartnerjames

Makeup artist: @dollface_mubyjess www.instagram.com/dollface_mubyjess

Cheers to the cheers you’ll inspire.